Bridge Between Walls

Community Ministry in Clarkston

As one of the most densely populated and diverse cities in the United States, Clarkston is home to people from all cultural and religious backgrounds. Its residents come from Asia, the Middle East and Africa and include a variety of practicing Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus.

To reach these communities with the Gospel, Bridge Between Walls has been able to form important partnerships within the community that assist Bayo in being warmly welcomed by its residents.

These partnerships include:

  • Whirlwind Missions
  • Clarkston International Bible Church (CIBC)
  • The Ethiopian community and the Allies of Somalian America
  • Somalian American Community Center

By working alongside these community associations, Bayo is able to reach individuals and families to help meet their physical and spiritual needs through one-on-one relationship building.

Each week, Bayo meets people at the Somalian Community Center, Clarkston International Bible Church and through individual apartment visits he makes in the area. During these meetings, he provides fellowship, prayer support, Bible study opportunities, ESOL lessons. Bayo also helps provide families with food, furniture and other practical assistance as needed.

Bridge Between Walls also provides an after school program and ESOL classes for children at the Southern Place Apartment Complex in Clarkston.

As he builds these relationships over time, Bayo also begins to share the Gospel with those he ministers to and has seen many develop faith in Jesus Christ since his ministry began.